from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas

  Moran Division

  Feeney Division

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Friday, May 5, 20236:00:00 PM  Southside Tavern at Shamrock Pub
7:30:00 PM  The Greatest Bar at La Familia
9:00:00 PM  PowTown at Shannon Tavern
Monday, May 8, 20236:00:00 PM  Pat Simpson Club at Playwright Shamrocks
7:30:00 PM  Stew Jays at MarineMax Boston
9:00:00 PM  Broadway Brew Crew at Big Ballers
Tuesday, May 9, 20236:00:00 PM  Publico at Fauci's Frozen Ropes
7:30:00 PM  STATS Sluggers at SLS
9:00:00 PM  MJS Braves at Silkworms
Wednesday, May 10, 20236:00:00 PM  Broadway Brew Crew at Stew Jays
7:45:00 PM  Dirty Fungos at Seapoint Slammers
9:00:00 PM  Southside Tavern at Shannon Tavern
Thursday, May 11, 20236:00:00 PM  Silkworms at Loco Pirates
7:30:00 PM  The Spot Clothing at Roza Lyons
9:00:00 PM  DRT at Fat Baby
Friday, May 12, 20236:00:00 PM  MarineMax Boston at Seapoint Slammers
7:30:00 PM  Fauci's Frozen Ropes at STATS Sluggers
9:00:00 PM  Lincoln Tavern at L Street Tavern
Monday, May 15, 20236:00:00 PM  Fat Baby at The Greatest Bar
6:00:01 PM  Roza Lyons at La Familia N Street
7:30:00 PM  Loco Pirates at DRT
7:30:01 PM  Publico at The Spot Clothing N Street
9:00:00 PM  Fauci's Frozen Ropes at Telegraph Hill
9:00:01 PM  SLS at MJS Braves N Street
Tuesday, May 16, 20236:00:00 PM  Big Ballers at Playwright Shamrocks
7:30:00 PM  Shannon Tavern at Lincoln Tavern
9:00:00 PM  Dirty Fungos at Pat Simpson Club
Wednesday, May 17, 20236:00:00 PM  Silkworms at STATS Sluggers
7:30:00 PM  Shamrock Pub at Lincoln Tavern
9:00:00 PM  Seapoint Slammers at PowTown
Thursday, May 18, 20236:00:00 PM  L Street Tavern at Stew Jays
7:30:00 PM  Broadway Brew Crew at Southside Tavern
9:00:00 PM  Shamrock Pub at MarineMax Boston
Friday, May 19, 20236:00:00 PM  Seapoint Slammers at Pat Simpson Club
6:00:01 PM  PowTown at Dirty Fungos N Street
7:30:00 PM  Fat Baby at Telegraph Hill
7:30:01 PM  Playwright Shamrocks at Broadway Brew Crew N Street
9:00:01 PM  The Spot Clothing at Loco Pirates N Street
Monday, May 22, 20236:00:00 PM  MJS Braves at Telegraph Hill
6:00:01 PM  Fat Baby at SLS N Street
7:30:00 PM  Loco Pirates at La Familia
7:30:01 PM  Southside Tavern at Pat Simpson Club N Street
9:00:00 PM  The Greatest Bar at Silkworms
9:00:01 PM  STATS Sluggers at DRT N Street
Tuesday, May 23, 20236:00:00 PM  Shamrock Pub at Shannon Tavern
7:30:00 PM  Fauci's Frozen Ropes at The Spot Clothing
9:00:00 PM  Playwright Shamrocks at Lincoln Tavern
Wednesday, May 24, 20236:00:00 PM  DRT at The Spot Clothing
6:00:01 PM  Roza Lyons at The Greatest Bar N Street
7:30:00 PM  MJS Braves at STATS Sluggers
7:30:01 PM  Fauci's Frozen Ropes at Silkworms N Street
9:00:00 PM  SLS at Publico
9:00:01 PM  La Familia at Big Ballers N Street
Thursday, May 25, 20236:00:00 PM  Telegraph Hill at Publico
6:00:01 PM  Lincoln Tavern at MarineMax Boston N Street
7:30:00 PM  Big Ballers at L Street Tavern
7:30:01 PM  Stew Jays at PowTown N Street
9:00:00 PM  Dirty Fungos at Broadway Brew Crew
9:00:01 PM  Seapoint Slammers at Shamrock Pub N Street
Tuesday, May 30, 20236:00:00 PM  PowTown at Lincoln Tavern
7:30:00 PM  Shannon Tavern at Playwright Shamrocks
9:00:00 PM  Pat Simpson Club at Stew Jays
Wednesday, May 31, 20236:00:00 PM  The Spot Clothing at STATS Sluggers
7:30:00 PM  DRT at Telegraph Hill
9:00:00 PM  La Familia at Silkworms

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