from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
At Bats (SEASON):108Rob RogersMurphy's Law2008
At Bats (GAME):9Alex OlsenThe Greatest Barvs Bushwhackers (5/1/2007)
Hits (SEASON):55Charles ZaniboniSidewalk Cafe2004
 55Marty JiminezGeorge Pratt Club2010
Hits (GAME):7Matt BrooksBoston Beer Gardenvs Shannon's Tavern (6/16/2004)
Doubles (SEASON):20Rob RogersMurphy's Law2002
Doubles (GAME):4Leo GreeleyMurphy's Lawvs G-Hits (5/10/2007)
Triples (SEASON):10Danny McElaneyBoston Beer Garden2005
 10Tom ChristensenBelow Average Joe's2010
Triples (GAME):3Andrew QuinnQuality Paintingvs Murphy's Law (6/29/2001)
 3Dave CotterSamuel Adamsvs Dorset Club (6/26/2003)
 3Brendan FlynnSidewalk Cafevs The Junction (8/24/2004)
 3Christian FratassioIl Giardino Cafevs L Street Tavern (8/5/2005)
 3Danny McElaneyBoston Beer Gardenvs Sidewalk Cafe (8/4/2005)
 3Danny McElaneyBoston Beer Gardenvs Booze on First (7/31/2008)
 3Tim BenhamBulldogsvs Swingers (6/15/2009)
 3Tom ChristensenBelow Average Joe'svs Stadium (6/4/2010)
 3Sean GormanBulldogsvs Tom English's Stingers (5/31/2011)
Home Runs (SEASON):16Rob RogersMurphy's Law2003
 16Rob RogersShannon's Tavern2004
 16Pat DolbearePirates2015
Home Runs (GAME):4Charles ZaniboniSidewalk Cafevs Spartans (8/18/2005)
 4Dan PencingerThe Greatest Barvs Dorset Club (5/9/2007)
 4Pat GallagherIl Giardino Cafevs Brewers (5/30/2007)
 4Steve AnastasiStats Bar & Grillevs Swingers (8/9/2011)
 4Jason ClucasHarp & Bardvs Dorset Club(6/7/2016)
 4Miguel DupreeMagix Boxvs TBA (2017)
Walks (SEASON):22Kevin CoyleBrewers2007
Walks (GAME):6Kevin CoyleBrewersvs The Greatest Bar (8/6/2007)
Runs (SEASON):50Steve CouturierShannon's Tavern2004
Runs (GAME):8Brian LandolfiIl Giardino Cafevs Boston Beer Garden (5/21/2009)
RBI's (SEASON):64Rob RogersShannon's Tavern2004
RBI's (GAME):13Kevin McDermottStats/BSBvs Dorset Club (5/11/2011)
CYCLE (GAME):1Timmy MalleySeapointvs Corner Tavern (6/30/1998)
 1Christian FrattassioIl Giardino Cafevs Sidewalk Cafe (9/18/2008)
 1Sean HigginsBrew Crewvs Playwright Shamrocks (7/16/2020)
 1Glen PetersonSouthside Tavernvs Silkworms (7/10/2020)
 1Mark DiFioriBig Ballersvs Handukies (5/23/2022)
 1Ryan McCormickRoza Lyonsvs Greatest Bar (5/25/2022)
 1Kyle CheeverMcCann Joycevs Silkworms (6/13/2022)
 1Sean MoranL Street Tavernvs Sperry's Liquors (6/15/2022)
 1DodakianL Street Tavernvs Sperry's Liquors (6/15/2022)
STRIKEOUTS (SEASON):146Jimmy PinkstonMakepeace2011
STRIKEOUTS (7 INNINGS):20Jimmy PinkstonSonny's Piratesvs Below Average Joe's (4/30/2012)
WINS (SEASON incl. playoffs)21George PrattSidewalk Cafe2002
EARNED RUN AVERAGE (SEASON not incl. playoffs)0.88Nick FrenchShennanigans2013
INNINGS PITCHED (SEASON incl. playoffs)167John GregorioMurphy's Law2003
HIT BATTERS (SEASON incl. playoffs)12Mark SennaSidewalk Cafe2011
HIT BATTERS (GAME):6Mark LandolfiBoston Beer Gardenvs Il Giardino Café (7/7/2005)
WALKS (SEASON)85Nick KleimolaIl Giardino Café2008
WALKS (GAME):22Mark CampbellTelegraph Hillvs The Playwright (8/27/2013)
 22Brian WalshHanddukiesvs Chiefs (6/6/2019)
LONGEST GAME3+ HRSLincoln Tavern 2Boston Hitmen 1 (13 innings)8:43pm - 11:17pm 9/15/2021
cont. 7:30pm - 8:05pm 9/16/2021
 3 HRSBoston Braves 6Boston Hitmen 37:43pm - 10:43pm 7/8/2021
LOPSIDED SCORE30Telegraph Hill 30DataDawgs 05/20/2019
OLDEST PLAYER/PLAYOFFS72Jack Manning (P)Southside B8/19/2019
MOST CHAMPIONSHIPS WON11Mark Dion (P)Dawgs, Lynx, Shennanigans, Southside Tavern2007-2018
 9Jim Burgio (1B)United Cleaners, L Street Tavern, Ocean Kai, Sam Moran Club1988-1999
Note: although the M Street Softball League started in 1970, it wasn't until the 2000 season that the league started saving game information. To date, some teams still refuse to enter player statistics which takes away from the recognition these players may have earned.

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