from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
1970Brian Wallace ClubBob "Chick" Noonan (P)
1971I.A. RestaurantEd Bonnano (P)
1972 Pleasure Bay LoungeBob "Chick" Noonan (P)
1973Pleasure Bay LoungeBob "Chick" Noonan (P)
1975ChippewasJim Rooney
1976Gavin's TavernBilly Elliot (P)
1977Canavan's PubTommy Greene (P) & J.Gorham
1978 YIP ClubJohn Evans
1979YIP ClubEdso Foley (P)
1980Triple O's LoungeLarry Lucas (P)
1981Olde Towne TavernEd Bonnano (P)
1982L Street TavernLarry Lucas (P)
1983L Street TavernLarry Lucas (P)
1984L Street TavernLarry Lucas (P)
1985Court's InnJoey Ward (OF)
1986Boston Teacher's UnionJohn Gregorio (P)
1987M & M ClubJohn Gregorio (P) & John McGrath (P)
1988United CleanersJim Burgio (1B)
1989Teamsters Pub 
1990Ocean KaiPaul Alessi (P)
1991Ocean KaiJim Burgio (1B) & Angelo Lapaglia (OF)
1992L Street TavernPaul Alessi (P)
1993L Street TavernEd Toland (3B)
1994L Street TavernPaul Alessi (P)
1995DJ Linnehan'sRonny Gurley (SS)
1996No Champion 
1997Sam Moran ClubDennis Lynch (2B)
1998Sam Moran ClubJohn Gregorio (P)
1999Sam Moran ClubBrendan Flynn (OF) & Joey Magee (2B)
2000Sidewalk CafeMark Senna (P)
2001Sidewalk CafeMark Senna (P)
2002Sidewalk CafeGeorge Pratt (P)
2003Sidewalk CafeBobby Dobay (OF) & George Pratt (P)
2004The PlaywrightJerry Thomes (P)
2005The PlaywrightJerry Thomes (P), Domenic Lemarra (P), & Jack Rogers (IF)
2006Sidewalk CafeMark Senna (P), Peter John (OF), & Bobby Dobay (C)
2007LynxDomenic Lemarra (P) & Toco Soto (2B)
2008DawgsJerry Thomes (P)
2009ShennanigansSteve Stalcup (2B) & Luis Colon (SS)
2010Shennanigans team award
2011ShennanigansSam Acevedo (P) & Mike Hoadley (P)
2012ShennanigansMike Hoadley (P)
2013ShennanigansNick French (P)
2014"A" Division - Shenannigans 
"B" Division - STATS Bar & Grille
"A" (MVP) - Nick French (P) 
"B" (MVP) Mark Preziosi (SS) and Jack Atton (P)
2015PiratesCharlie Conners (OF) & Kevin O'Hara (OF)
2016Magix BoxMike Selig (C) & Rocky Pisa (P)
2017Southside TavernJason Calnan (P)
2018"A" Division - Southside Tavern 
"B" Division - City Tap House
"A" (MVP) - team award  
"B" (MVP) Chris Boyd (P)
2019"A" Division - Pat Simpson Club 
"B" Division - Telegraph Hill
"A" (MVP) - Mike Garland (P) and Mike Lush (SS)  
"B" (MVP) Mike Araujo (P)
2020"A" Division - Lincoln Tavern 
"B" Division - DRC
"A" (MVP) - Chris Boyd (P)  
"B" (MVP) Jason Maxwell (P)
2021"A" Division - Lincoln Tavern 
"B" Division - Playwright Shamrocks 
"A" (MVP) - Nick French (P)   
"B" (MVP) - Sean Higgins (P) 

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