from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
7/27/2022 - the following is a list of players who have not met the minimum plate appearances/innings pitched and are therefore, ineligible for the playoffs as of this writing. Players on your current roster (listed on league site) are elgible UNLESS listed below.

If a team uses one of these players or a non-rostered player, then the game will automatically be under protest from the league at which point the player enters the game. Coaches, if you feel a listed player meets an exemption, then please contact the league and we will discuss each case.

PlayerTeamPlate Apperances
Kent, Pat Big Ballers 6
DiFiori, Mark Big Ballers 9
Atwill, TBD Big Ballers 8
Peag, Bobby Big Ballers 4
Treon, Chris Broadway Brew Crew 8
Berluti, Alex Broadway Brew Crew 3
Leavitt, Jimmy Fat Baby 3
O'Brien, Cameron Fat Baby 3
Harris, Ethan Fat Baby 10
McDonagh, Shawn Handdukies 5
Atkinson, Bill Handdukies 7
Doolan, Pat Handdukies 4
McNeil, Colin Handdukies 9
Clapton, Tim L Street Tavern 7
Donovan, Mark L Street Tavern 7
Kimball, Forrest L Street Tavern 3
Melo, Steven La Familia 4
Soto, Jonathan La Familia 8
Cully, Harry McCann/Joyce Club 3
Capuzzo, Mike McCann/Joyce Club 3
Conway, Evan McCann/Joyce Club 3
Siebold, TBD McCann/Joyce Club 6
Miller, TBD McCann/Joyce Club 3
Spagone, Taylor McCann/Joyce Club 5
King, Anthony Pastoral 4
Citrano, Jake PowTown 2
Ortiz, Christian Publico 7
Sterndale, Rich Publico 3
Iasiello , Ryan Publico 7
Ticker, Ben Publico 4
Brown, Dan Roza Lyons 3
Feldman, Jesse Roza Lyons 4
Keon, TBD Roza Lyons 4
Radcliffe, Nick Roza Lyons 3
Dupree, Brian Roza Lyons 4
Cholish, Jason Roza Lyons 3
Davidson, Mo Roza Lyons 9
Lavoie, Joe Roza Lyons 3
Linehan, Kevin Shannon Tavern 5
Whooley, Connor Silkworms 7
Cella, Jack Silkworms 4
Masciotti, Greg Silkworms 4
McInnis, Mark Southside Tavern 3
Monahan, Mike Southside Tavern 7
Kelly, Dylan Southside Tavern 4
Strobel, Chris Sperrys Liquors 8
Duggan, Lauren Fumanji 3
Chivo, TBD Fumanji 6
Pena, Daurys Fumanji 2
Cruz, Miguel Fumanji 7
Arno, Edward Lincoln Tavern 1
Cmahou, Mika Lincoln Tavern 2
Trujillo, Fabian Loco Pirates 6
Azola, Francisco Loco Pirates 10
Santana, Jefferey MJS 3
Del Valle, John MJS 3
Janowski, Chris MJS 7
Pisa, Rocky MJS 3
Ortiz, Reymundo MJS 2
Garcia, Josh MJS 7
Feliciano, Josuie MJS 3
Jarvis, Brian Pat Simpson Club 6
Schoen, Brian Playwright Shamrocks 5
Lobdell, Scott STATS Sluggers 4
Maki, Dylan STATS Sluggers 4
Kirst, Justin STATS Sluggers 4
Desjardins, Kyle STATS Sluggers 3
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