from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
8/4/2021 - the following is a list of players who have not met the minimum plate appearances/innings pitched and are therefore, ineligible for the playoffs as of this writing. Players on your current roster (listed on league site) are elgible UNLESS listed below.

If a team uses one of these players, then the game will automatically be under protest from the league at which point the player enters the game. Coaches, if you feel a listed player meets an exemption, then please contact the league and we will discuss each case.

PlayerTeamPlate Apperances
Kent, Pat Big Ballers 2
Diorio, Jarred Big Ballers 7
McCann, Sean Big Ballers 13
Cohen, TBD Big Ballers 8
Gaffney, Paul Boston 224 Bombers 9
Pujos, Alex Boston 224 Bombers 11
Berbarian, Adam Boston 224 Bombers 8
Henningson, Jack Boston 224 Bombers 2
Felipe, Jeudy Boston Braves 1
Romero, Frank Boston Braves 5
Gonzalez, Eddy Boston Braves 1
Jimenez, Daniel Boston Braves 1
de la Rosa, JanCarlos Boston Braves 1
Pena, Jose Boston Braves 7
Baez, Victor Boston Braves SSP
Guerrero, Cliff Boston Braves 10
Martinez, Carlos Boston Hitmen 6
Zapata , Joisel Boston Hitmen 3
Chang, Ronald Boston Hitmen 12
Cooney, Andrew Boston Sausage 6
Strabely, Will Boston Sausage 5
Leath, David Boston Sausage 10
Conigliaro, Charles Boston Sausage 14
Brewer, Jack Boston Sausage 7
Flynn, Mike Boston Sausage 8
Santiago, TBD DRC 3
Fray, Chris DRC 7
Hollander, Ben Fat Baby 6
Wilson, Damon Fat Baby 4
Nappa, Gerry Fat Baby 11
Whitehead, Thomas Fat Baby 7
Day, Nick Fat Baby 8
McManus, Brendan Fat Baby 3
Peters, Randall Fat Baby 14
Conarck, Johnny Fat Baby 3
Leavitt, Jimmy Fat Baby 3
Wahlberg, TBD Handdukies 9
Regan, Moe Handdukies 5
Doolan, Pat Handdukies 5
Atkinson, Bill Handdukies 9
Paris, Richie Handdukies 3
Leary, Skippy Handdukies 4
Melo, Steven La Familia 6
Porcaro, Al Lincoln Tavern 1
Peave, Bobby Lincoln Tavern 3
Soleski, Mike Local 149 3
Burnes, Tim Local 149 12
Grey, Harry Local 149 7
O'Brian, Chris Local 149 4
Tognarelli, Cole Local 149 10
Guappone, Michael Local 149 7
Stratton, Dylan Local 149 2
Cannon, Zach Local 149 11
Bowen, Craig Local 149 6
Noone, Denery Local 149 13
Neu, Nolan Local 149 7
Blandino, Dave Loco Pirates 3
Walsh, Conner Loco Pirates 2
Pinkston, Madison Loco Pirates 3
Pierce, Jimmy Loco Pirates 3
O'Toole, Ronan Loco Pirates 4
Lugo, Jesus Loco Pirates 5
Rojas, Dorian Loco Pirates 5
Cahill, Peter Loco Pirates 4
Carvin, James Malachys 3
Coakley, Jared McCann/Joyce Club 2
Collins, Danny McCann/Joyce Club 8
Galvin, Ryan McCann/Joyce Club 3
McColgan, B McCann/Joyce Club 2
Cutler, B Pastoral 4
Larossa, Cy Pastoral 4
Keenan, Danny Pastoral 9
Carr, Cody Pat Simpson Club 9
Gregory, Teddy Playwright Shamrocks 2
Nagle, Steve Playwright Shamrocks 3
Hagdorn, Hunter Publico 9
Ortiz, Christian Publico 7
Thornton, Rob Publico 5
Lindberg, Ray Publico 5
Osmo, Nate Publico 11
Vasquez, Jose Publico 3
Butterfield, Mike Publico 3
Perotto, Brandon Publico 5
Wall, Nick Roza Lyons 5
Kane, Dan Roza Lyons 12
Lavoie, Joe Roza Lyons 7
Espinal, TBD Roza Lyons 3
LaBonte, Ryan Roza Lyons 3
Lynch, Pat Roza Lyons 7
Bennett, Russell Shannon Tavern 4
Kelich, Pete Shannon Tavern 7
Andrus, TBD Shannon Tavern 6
Wall, R Silkworms 3
Sullivan, Ryan Silkworms 4
Woods, Colin STATS Sluggers 4
Lambert, Kevin STATS Sluggers 7
Higgins, Tim STATS Sluggers 9
Smith, Jake STATS Sluggers 6
McDonald, Willie Team Dandy 13
Jenkins, Bryce Team Dandy 5
Melanson, Tyler Team Dandy 2
Benson, Doug Team Dandy 1
Finn, Dan Telegraph Hill 4
Cringle, Chris Telegraph Hill 4
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