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  Feeney Division



By Mark Senna

April 19 - with the changing from cold weather to warm we look forward to another MSSL (M Street Softball League) season, our 54th! For those unaware or new to the league, it was started in 1970 to give returning Vietnam veterans a constructive and competitive outlet. It has been a neighborhood staple ever since.

This year, we have twenty-two teams that will be competing for the elusive M Street Cup. The top six teams from each division will qualify for the playoffs with the top two teams receiving a first round bye. Also, the pitching rules were ironed out at the end of last season and we're anxious to have a full season of play where we are all on the same page - no sling and pitchers cannot bring their pitching arm above their head on the back swing.

M Street is more of a hitter's league at the moment but clutch pitching performances and strong defense is the key to winning the championship. There was some talk about bringing back the sling/fast pitching this season where dominating pitching performances were common but with two of the six "A" teams dropping out all together, there just wasn't any interest. The door will always be open to having a fast pitch division.

One will need a league program to keep track of all the team changes for this season. First off, the MJS Braves, Loco Pirates, L Street Tavern, Dirty Fungo's, and DRT will not be returning for the 2024 season. Layla's American Tavern is a new entry that will be joining us - welcome to the league boys! Along with the departures and entrant we also have quite a few name changes. PowTown is now sponsored by Shea's Tavern - the Frozen Ropes are now known as the Chemist Cocktail Club - SLS is now known as Sam Adams - STATS is now known as the Clock Tavern Sluggers - and the Stew Jays are now sponsored by Loco and will be called the Loco Stew Jays. With all that team movement the divisions had to be realigned. They are as follows:

Sam Moran Division

  • Pat Simpson Club
  • Loco Stew Jays
  • Shea's Tavern
  • Broadway
  • Seapoint Slammers
  • Publico
  • LaFamilia
  • Silkworms
  • Chemist Cocktail Club
  • The Greatest Bar
  • The Spot

John Feeney Division

  • Lincoln Tavern
  • Big Ballers
  • Playwright Shamrocks
  • Shamrock Pub
  • Shannon Tavern
  • Layla's American Tavern
  • Clock Tavern Sluggers
  • Telegraph Hill
  • Sam Adams
  • Fat Baby
  • Roza Lyons

Several pitchers have also found new homes - Jimmy Pinkston has hooked on with the Pat Simpson Club - Chris Pope will be throwing strikes for the Clock Tavern Sluggers, the steadily improving, Greg Bosse has joined the Fat Baby squad, and Brian Pacheco will bring his arm and softball wisdom to the championship driven Loco Stew Jays. Details are still being worked out for a few other pitchers who are hoping to be on the M Street mound this season. I'm sure there are several other positional players along with a great group of rookies who will be making their league debut.

The two-time defending champion, Lincoln Tavern will tell you that they won't be as competitive this season but as we have seen in the past, when the bright lights are on, this squad IS still the team to beat. It all starts this Monday at M Street as the league will open with a week of 6pm games (no lights).

In closing, we lost one of the most talented pitchers to ever take the mound at M Street. Rafael Ramos, who mostly pitched for the Boston Braves, brought his blazing 70 MPH fastball to M Street for the 2021 season and was a sight to see. Anyone who ever stepped into the batter's box will tell you that the man could throw softball as hard as anyone. When Ramos was on the mound it was "helmet night" - that's how hard he threw. His loud grunt after each release could be heard all throughout the park. Although he wasn't on the most talented teams, he still led the league in strikeouts and instantly made the Braves a serious contender. The details of Ramos' passing are dark and we won't get into them here - readers seek help if you are struggling in your life (work pressure, relationship issues, money, etc). Please talk to someone.

Rafael Ramos

Important reminders from your commissioner:

  • Parking - guys please leave your cars at home as the available parking spaces around the field is VERY, VERY limited. Most spaces are Resident only so unless you are a South Boston resident then you will most likely get a $40 ticket that the league cannot cover. If possible, car pool, take the MBTA/City Point bus, or bike/walk to the park and save yourself the frustration.

  • Umpire/Scorekeeper fee - please pay the umpire $32 and pay $8 to the official scorekeeper BEFORE the game begins.

  • Forfeits - forfeits are not acceptable in the M Street Softball League as they cost the league money and waste everyone's time. With that said, if you know there is a scheduled game that is going to be a problem then let me know ASAP and I will work with you in finding additional players and/or cancelling the game all together.

  • Inclement weather/rain outs - the league will usually make a decision by 5pm on whether or not the game is on or off. Once the decision is made then the league will reach out to the coaches - we will not leave you without word. The league website ( will also be updated within minutes of a cancellation.

  • Bats - just a reminder that composite bats are illegal...however, bats that have a composite handle and metal barrel are OK. DeMarini Steel is a very popular bat in our league.

  • Equipment - the league will provide bases on a nightly basis.

  • Pitching rules - the Feeney/Moran("B") division is using the strict modified pitching style - no sling, no windmill, and no arc. It's pretty much straight back with the arm, a forward step to the plate, and deliver the ball. A great source on the "Classic Style" with videos can be found here

  • Playoff eligibility - although the rosters are open there is minimum number of plate appearances (30), innings pitched (35), or games played (10) that a player must meet to qualify for the playoffs.

  • Stats, news, etc... - please check the league website for all the latest news, standings, stats, and more.

  • Schedule - we tried to evenly spread out the amount of start times for each's not an easy or exact science. The regular season will run from May through the end of July. The playoff will start in August and run through September.

    Wishing you and your players a great season of softball at M Street.


    Mark Senna
    M Street Softball League

    Upcoming Games
    Wednesday, May 22, 2024
    Fat Baby at
    Roza Lyons  6:00:00 PM
    Chemist Cocktail Club at
    La Familia  6:30:00 PM
    Telegraph Hill at
    Sam Adams  7:30:00 PM
    Playwright Shamrocks at
    Lincoln Tavern  8:00:00 PM
    Seapoint Slammers at
    The Greatest Bar  9:00:00 PM
    Thursday, May 23, 2024
    Silkworms at
    The Spot Clothing  6:00:00 PM
    Layla's American Tavern at
    Big Ballers  6:30:00 PM
    Clock Tavern Sluggers at
    Playwright Shamrocks  7:30:00 PM
    Ochoa Brew Crew at
    Chemist Cocktail Club  8:00:00 PM
    Roza Lyons at
    Lincoln Tavern  9:00:00 PM
    Upcoming Games
    Wednesday, May 22, 2024
    Fat Baby 6:00:00 PM
    Roza Lyons
    Chemist Cocktail Club 6:30:00 PM
    La Familia
    Telegraph Hill 7:30:00 PM
    Sam Adams
    Playwright Shamrocks 8:00:00 PM
    Lincoln Tavern
    Seapoint Slammers 9:00:00 PM
    The Greatest Bar
    Tuesday, May 21, 2024
    Sam Adams  8
    Playwright Shamrocks  13
    The Greatest Bar  2
    Loco Stew Jays  13
    The Spot Clothing  6
    La Familia  7
    Monday, May 20, 2024
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