from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
(A) Larry Lucas Division
TEAM  W   L   T   PTS   RS   RA   vs Lucas   vs Feeney   Strk 
Southside Tavern1021211325810-2-10-0-0W6
City Tap House84117112798-4-10-0-0L2
Roza Lyons760141011297-6-00-0-0L3
Pat Simpson Club760141011037-6-00-0-0L1
STATS Sluggers661131061086-6-10-0-0W1
Lincoln Tavern670121051076-7-00-0-0L6
Loco Pirates67012109906-7-00-0-0W3
Bodega Canal5621275965-6-20-0-0W1
Conquest Funds4819881034-8-10-0-0L1
The Kekambas31006821383-10-00-0-0L2

(B) Buckey Feeney Division
TEAM  W   L   T   PTS   RS   RA   vs Lucas   vs Feeney   Strk 
Smoke Shop BBQ130026174640-0-012-0-0W13
Fat Baby75115117860-0-06-5-1W2
Broadway Bombers760141241200-0-06-6-0W3
Big Ballers580101211610-0-05-8-0L3
Dorchester Brew Crew4908891500-0-03-9-0W2

(B) Sam Moran Division
TEAM  W   L   T   PTS   RS   RA   vs Lucas   vs Feeney   vs Moran   Strk 
Telegraph Hill10302018874 1-0-09-3-0W4
The Banshee9401812286 1-0-08-4-0W4
Backyard Betty's9401815898 0-0-09-4-0L3
Silkworms85016137122 0-1-09-4-0L1
Southside B85016138117 0-0-08-5-0L1
Playwright Shamrocks76014109135 0-0-07-7-0W1
Locker Room Talk4908131159 0-1-04-8-0L1
Thropic3100684129 0-0-03-10-0L4
The Mitchell Report2110490178 0-1-02-10-0L6
DataDawgs2110476166 0-0-02-11-0L3

Upcoming Games
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Playwright Shamrocks at
Backyard Betty's  6:00:00 PM
Fat Baby at
Broadway Bombers  7:30:00 PM
Handdukies at
DRC  9:00:00 PM
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
STATS Sluggers at
Pat Simpson Club  6:00:00 PM
Bodega Canal at
Southside Tavern  7:30:00 PM
Lincoln Tavern at
Roza Lyons  9:00:00 PM
Upcoming Games
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Playwright Shamrocks 6:00:00 PM
Backyard Betty's
Fat Baby 7:30:00 PM
Broadway Bombers
Handdukies 9:00:00 PM
Monday, August 19, 2019
Broadway Bombers  2
Fat Baby  11
DRC  7
Handdukies  11
Southside B  19
Silkworms  9
Sunday, August 18, 2019
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