from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
(A) Larry Lucas Division
TEAM  W   L   T   PTS   RS   RA   vs Lucas   vs Feeney   Strk 
Lincoln Tavern300651283-0-00-0-0W3
Pat Simpson Club310650443-1-00-0-0W1
Southside Tavern201552342-0-10-0-0W2
The Kekambas201551352-0-10-0-0W1
Loco Pirates200436212-0-00-0-0W2
Roza Lyons120235241-2-00-0-0L1
Berkshire Hathaway030023560-3-00-0-0L3
MB Club030023460-3-00-0-0L3
STATS Sluggers020023370-2-00-0-0L2
Elevated Realty020012310-2-00-0-0L2

(B) Buckey Feeney Division
TEAM  W   L   T   PTS   RS   RA   vs Lucas   vs Feeney   Strk 
City Tap House5001072150-0-05-0-0W5
Pitches Get Hit410853520-0-04-1-0W1
The Playwright300644200-0-03-0-0W3
Punk & Poet Bulldogs210435360-0-02-1-0W2
Backyard Betty's220457530-0-02-2-0W2
Big Ballers220437420-0-02-2-0W2
Broadway Bombers220433220-0-02-2-0W2
Fat Baby230428350-0-02-3-0L3
The Banshee130242520-0-01-3-0L2
Village Pizza130220440-0-01-3-0L2
Smoke Shop BBQ040026540-0-00-4-0L4
Colt Recycling040012500-0-00-4-0L4

Upcoming Games
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
MB Club at
Elevated Realty  6:00:00 PM
Berkshire Hathaway at
STATS Sluggers  7:30:00 PM
Roza Lyons at
Lincoln Tavern  9:00:00 PM
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Punk & Poet Bulldogs at
VMT  6:00:00 PM
Silkworms at
Backyard Betty's  7:30:00 PM
Village Pizza at
The Playwright  9:00:00 PM
Upcoming Games
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
MB Club 6:00:00 PM
Elevated Realty
Berkshire Hathaway 7:30:00 PM
STATS Sluggers
Roza Lyons 9:00:00 PM
Lincoln Tavern
Monday, May 21, 2018
Handdukies  6
Fat Baby  1
Smoke Shop BBQ  3
City Tap House  17
Pitches Get Hit  14
The Banshee  11
Sunday, May 20, 2018
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