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By Mark Senna


With the start of their 47th season of softball at M Street just a few weeks away, the M Street Softball League is making its final preperations for the upcoming season. By now, coaches should have received an email from the league that outlines the next steps. If you haven't received this email, then please contact Mark Senna ( The league is still accepting new teams but will eventually have to cap the number of entrants as we have a limited number of hours on the field this year. With that said, paying the league fee will secure your team's position.

Also, the league has launched a store front that sells quality uniforms (shirts, pants, etc...) at a great price. Please review our merchandise on our site by clicking on the Order Uniforms and Merchandise link.

We are looking to start during the first week of May. On a somewhat down note, the city has given away some of our time slots to youth softball so we will have to adjust and play a little later (8pm and 930pm start times) in the evening on some nights and also extend the season into September.

All games are played Monday through Thursday at M Street Park.
-Monday's schedule will look like 8pm and 930 start times.
-Tuesday's schedule will be the usual 6pm, 730, and 900 start times.
-Wednesday's schedule will look like 8pm and 930 start times.
-Thursday's schedule will be the usual 6pm, 730, and 900 start times.

The cost to enter a team for the 2017 season is $700 which covers game balls, light fee, umpire association fees, and prize money. Teams will also be required to pay $30 per game to cover the umpire and scorekeeper fee.

As usual, paying the league fee on time secures your place in the league - April 24th is the deadline!

Please make checks payable to "M Street Softball League" and mail check along with your updated team roster (include players first & last name with primary position) to:

Mark Senna
104 L Street
South Boston, MA. 02127

Note: all teams will play at least 15 regular season games. Teams that qualify for the playoffs, it's possible that you could play an additional 15 playoff games. So for those trying to figuring out the TOTAL cost for the season...30 games x $30 (ump/score fee) = $900 + $700 (league fee) = $1600 (that would be a little over $100 per player on a 15 man roster).


Mark Senna
M Street Softball League

Upcoming Games
Friday, March 24, 2017
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Upcoming Games
Friday, March 24, 2017
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